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Clifford George (left) and Jean Claude Roy (right)

Jean Claude Roy

Jean Claude Roy was born in France in 1948. Although he knew from the age of 7 that he would be an artist, his training was as a marine electrician, and it was in the course of his work that he discovered Newfoundland. For the past fifty years, he has traveled between his two countries – Canada and France – and has devoted himself almost exclusively to landscape painting, with oils and a palette knife. Entirely self-taught, he describes his style as expressionist-colourist. He exhibits in Canada, the US and France, and has published three books on the subject of the Newfoundland landscape. As a teacher, he encourages freedom, experimenting with colour, and above all, learning to find the painting in the landscape in front of you.

Clifford George

Clifford George works in his studio in Whiteway, Trinity Bay in Newfoundland and Labrador. Primarily self taught, he received a formal art education at The College of Trades and Technology in St. John’s, graduating in 1972. Cliff started his career as a commercial artist and painted for exhibitions as well, all the while continuing his education attending private studies and workshops with prominent artists such as Don Wright, Wally Brants and Bob Rodgers. Cliff was a medical graphic artist at The Health Science Centre, St. John’s for many years and his drawings were published in numerous international journals. Clifford’s paintings are in public and private collections around the world. The vibrant colours in Clifford’s artwork are reflected in his personality and captivating stories he loves to tell.

The following is the list of invited artists who participated in the Art at the Gate 2019 Festival. Their artwork was featured in a three day Exhibition plus these artists shared their expertise through teaching workshops, plein air painting, opening their studios for tours and/or being available to discuss their love of art with participants and visiting public.

Artists 2019:
Louise Colbourne Andrews
Daniel Anstey
Kathie Chalker
Alice Mary (Pittman)
Julie Duff
Jackie Evans
Clifford George
Craig Goudie
Scott Goudie
Dave Hoddinott
George Horan
Michelle Whitten Lacour
Laurie Grimmel Leehane
Gilbert Manuel
Jill Moores
Leona Ottenheimer
Kathy Murphy Peddle
Michael Pittman
Michelle Penney-Rowe
Jean Claude Roy
Ted Stuckless
Joelle Sunshine
Jane Sasonow White
Adam Young