Art at the Gate is a visual art festival established in 2019 in the town of Twillingate, NL, Canada. This festival grew out of a desire to host an arts related event while utilizing and profiling the heritage buildings in the Twillingate area.

The inaugural event took place from July 3-5, 2019 and featured visual artists from all over the province. Activities included an exhibition, workshops, local studio tours, plein air painting, artists at work and social events.

Art at the Gate provides a forum for artists to connect, educate, share and bring visual art to life for people of all ages.

Plein Air
Opening Reception
Artist Adam Young
Acrylics Workshop
photo credit Michelle Penney Rowe
Art at the Gate Committee Members:
-Kathy Murphy Peddle (Chair)
-Joelle Blandford
-Peter Butt
-Kathie Chalker
-Wavey Cutler
-Winston Jenkins
-Sharon MacKenzie
-Jill Moores
-Christina Benedict Roy